About TurboGo

Note that I have stopped actively supporting TurboGo!

While you are still able to download the program if you wish,
there are much better programs these days
to help you to play or learn the game of go.

Read here for more information.

As far as I know, there isn't any public domain or shareware Go program with a complete Go tutorial in the help function (including all the rules and advice about becoming a better player) and without any severe 'shareware restrictions' like only a 9x9 board (the smallest one) to play on. For this reason, I have decided to release TurboGo.

TurboGo is a Go program for the computer, originally written in Borland Pascal. This program is especially written for inexperienced players or people who are not familiar with the rules of go. For this reason, TurboGo has an extensive help section, containing i.a. the rules of Go, advice on how to play go, an example of a game and addresses of Go associations and clubs. Please give this section your attention: the information provided is very useful!

Originally, TurboGo was a DOS program, but a lot has changed since then. TurboGo is now a fully 32-bit Windows application, created using the best programming language in the world: Borland Delphi 2.0. Using Delphi in a 32-bit environment gives me a lot more possibilities to improve TurboGo. If you would like to know more about TurboGo for Windows, simply jump to the TurboGo for Windows page.