The Joseki Tutor f.a.q.

Note that I have stopped actively supporting TurboGo!

While you are still able to download the program if you wish,
there are much better programs these days
to help you to play or learn the game of go.

Read here for more information.

Below you will find the questions that are asked most often about this Joseki Tutor. I have tried to answer them as clear as possible, but if you don't understand something, or if your question is not listed, please email me and I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

Can I download this program and use it without being connected to the Internet?

Well, yes and no. Technically speaking you can, but I wouldn't recommend it. Shockwave is designed to be an application that is used on the Internet, and should be treated as such.

If you want to have this tutor on your machine without being connected to the Internet, you should download the Windows version of TurboGo. This version is faster, contains a lot more joseki moves and doesn't need an active internet-connection once it's downloaded.

What is a joseki, and why do I need a tutor for it?

A joseki is a standard opening sequence, that is usually played in the corner of a board. If both players play the proper moves, the sequence should end with an even result. Since the first moves in the corners form the groundwork for the rest of the game, playing proper joseki is very important.

This does not mean however that you should try to memorize all these joseki. Currently, the Joseki Tutor features more then 30,000 moves (not counting mirroring the position, switching colors or changing the order of moves of course) and it seems impossible (at least to me) that anyone would be able to learn all these moves by heart. Besides, what good would it do to learn these 30,000 moves, when there are at least 100,000 other moves that might be considered joseki?

The way to become a stronger player is to look at these joseki and try to understand why these moves are played. If you understand the underlying reasons, not only will you be able to play this joseki without having to learn it by heart, but you will also be able to apply these reasons to the rest of your game and become a stronger player.

The program doesn't work, I only see a gray icon. What should I do?

There can be a few reasons why the Joseki Tutor doesn't work:

Browser Version
Netscape Navigator for Windows and Macintosh 3.0 or later
Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows 3.0 or later
Microsoft Internet Explorer for Macintosh 4.01 or later
America Online for Windows 3.0 or later
America Online for Macintosh 4.0 or later (with Internet Explorer 4.01 only)
If Shockwave has not been installed, Internet Explorer for Windows 95, 98, and NT prompts the user for permission to download Shockwave. If the user approves, it downloads and installs Shockwave from the Macromedia web site.

I want to play a move that's not in the Joseki Tutor. Wat should I do?

If you can't play the move you want to play, it probably means that I haven't added this move to the joseki database yet. You should by no means take this as an indication that this is a bad move. It is simply impossible to list all joseki in the tutor for several reasons:

If there is a move or joseki that you are missing in the database, please let me know and I will try to add this move as soon as possible. I want to make this collection as complete as possible, but I can't do it without your help!

Finally, don't be afraid to send me a move because you think that it is a bad move. In studying joseki, it is also very important to see why certain moves are bad, so I want to add bad moves to the Joseki Tutor as well. Just send them in, and I will see what I can do.

I don't understand one of the words in the comments. What does it mean?

The word is probably a Japanese term that is used in the game of Go. I have listed a few of these terms and an explanation below.

Why does it take so long to read all the joseki moves and comments, once the program is loaded?

There are several reasons for this.

What should I do if I have a question that is not listed here?

If your question is not listed here, just email me your question and I will try to answer it as soon as possible.