About my Go Screensaver

Note that I have stopped actively supporting TurboGo!

While you are still able to download the program if you wish,
there are much better programs these days
to help you to play or learn the game of go.

Read here for more information.

Go Screensaver screenshot
Version 2.1

Download the latest version of the Go Screensaver (376 Kb)

System requirements

The Go screensaver is written for Windows 95, Windows 98 and NT 4.0. It will NOT run under Windows 3.1.

What will it do?

The screensaver replays Go games that are stored in the standard .SGF and .GO formats. I have included six games in the screensaver itself, and you can replay them by choosing the "Replay internal games" option. But of course the fun part is that you can replay any .SGF Go game you can find, including your own games and games between top professional players. These games are widely available on the Internet, just follow this link if you have trouble finding them.

The main new feature in this version is the ability to add other languages. This version currently supports English, Spanish and Dutch, but other languages can easily be added. If you would like to have the screensaver available in your language and you're willing to translate (don't worry, it's not a lot of text), please let me know. Some other bugs (especially in handling .GO files) have been fixed as well.

Is it free?

Yes, this Go Screensaver is absolutely free. I have written this screensaver because I hope it will introduce people to this fascinating game called "Go", and I hope you will enjoy it.


Last but not least, have fun with this screensaver. If you have any comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to let me know.