About Go

Go is a game played by two contestants. In China and Japan it's just as popular as chess and draughts in Europe. There are a lot of legends about the invention of Go. One of these names the Chinese emperor Shun, who reigned from 2255 to 2205 B.C., as the originator of the game. It is said that he invented the game in order to strengthen the weak mind of his son.

Since then, Go has become highly popular in Asia, and nowadays Go is becoming more and more popular in Europe as well. Go players prefer Go to chess because the chances of a drawn game (in Go it's called "jigo") are very small, a good handicap system in games between a weaker and a stronger player and an infinite number of possibilities, situations and strategies. It is often said that whereas chess is a battle, Go is a full-scale war, so wide and far-ranging are its possible tactics and strategies.

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