An example of a Go game

Please note that you will need Shockwave to see this game. If your browser doesn't support Shockwave yet, you will see a broken picture. You will probably have to download and install the (free!) plug-in first.

  This game was played between Fujisawa Shuko (who held the white stones) against Kato Masao (with black), two of the strongest professional players. They played this game on March 22 and 23, 1978 in Morioka City, Japan. It was the seventh and decisive game for one of the most important titles in Japanese professional Go: the Kisei title. Fujisawa Shuko (white) won this game.

  I put this game on my homepage as an example of a game of Go. This way you can see what the game looks like without having to know the rules. If you would like to learn the rules, just follow the links on the page "About Go" and you will find out where you can get good information about this great game.