What's new in TurboGo for Windows

Note that I have stopped actively supporting TurboGo!

While you are still able to download the program if you wish,
there are much better programs these days
to help you to play or learn the game of go.

Read here for more information.

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Version 5.0 (August 20, 2000)

Many changes have been made to this version. A lot of code has been rewritten from scratch, which should result in a more stable and faster environment. The most important visible improvements are:  

Version 4.01 (March 9, 1998)


Version 4.0 (January 14, 1998)

Many changes have been made to this version, which is one of the reasonsto give it version number 4.0. It will be impossible to name all the changes, but here are the most important ones:  

Version 3.1 (July 7, 1997)


Version 3.0 (April 4, 1997)


Version 2.1 and before