Download TurboGo for Windows

Note that I have stopped actively supporting TurboGo!

While you are still able to download the program if you wish,
there are much better programs these days
to help you to play or learn the game of go.

Read here for more information.

Download now!

This is the section where you can download TurboGo for Windows You should find all the information you need in the documentation that is included in the program. The version number is 5.0, the release date is August 20, 2000.

Filename Description Size TurboGo for Windows v5.0 (main download site) 1,14 Mb TurboGo for Windows v5.0 (European mirror site) 1,14 Mb

If you want to know the new features in this version first, then go to the "What's New" page.

In order to save on download time, some translated helpfiles have not been included in the main download above. You can download these helpfiles here. Just save them in the directory where you installed TurboGo.

Filename Description Size
turbogon.hlp TurboGo helpfile in the Dutch language 174 Kb
turbogod.hlp TurboGo helpfile in the German language 176 Kb
turbogoi.hlp TurboGo helpfile in the Italian language 172 Kb